Interim Services


Interim Services

Do you have an immediate need for an interim consultant for a specific task? Basico offers interim assistance, helping your business achieve its goals when you need temporary help.

Are you looking for an interim consultant?

A notice of termination or sickness is never convenient. But an interim solution can create a calmer atmosphere in the organisation and ensure that nothing falls between two stools during periods when you would otherwise have had an increased work pressure in your team.


So, if you make an alliance with us, our interim consultants can step in during peak loads, extraordinary situations and tasks, or as project resources. And we guarantee that they will acquaint themselves with the tasks fast so that you have an operationally reliable solution.

The best interim solution for your assignment

Basico has offered value creating interim services since 2004, and we are experts at identifying the needs of your business and ensuring that you get the very right interim solution for the job. The reason for this is that we draw on many years' experience and professionalism that helps us decide who among our many interim consultants has the right competences to solve the task in your company.


In other words, our interim consultants have been carefully chosen to ensure that they have the combination of practical experience, professional skills, and personal characteristics needed to support you and your team in the best possible way.

Interim Services

Basico offers interim assistance that helps your business achieve your goals when you need a temporary resource.

From operational tasks, project participation, and specialist knowledge to complex interim solutions within the areas of CFO Services, Legal Services, Finance IT Services, and People & Payroll Services.


So, if you have a role as:

  • Controller
  • CFO
  • ERP project manager
  • FP&A or BI specialist
  • Legal advisor
  • Payroll specialist or HR manager 
  • or something entirely different on loan in your support function

Then, our competent interim consultants are ready to assume the role with the same commitment and sense of responsibility as if it was their own - for as long as you need.

We make your business stronger by using experienced consultants.

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What will you get with interim assistance from Basico?

Experienced interim consultants

When you choose an interim solution from Basico, your team and organisation will get support from an experienced interim consultant who is familiar with work on both sides of the table. This means that the consultant draws on experience from several years' consultancy as well as from an interim role quite similar to the one filled in your company.


An objective sparring partner 

We will always start interim assignments with the intention of stopping again and, therefore, we consider them projects. We will often take up an assignment without any documentation and hand-over, but before our interim consultants start working on an interim assignment, we will familiarize ourselves thoroughly with the needs of your company and the underlying reasons for the need. And together with you we will define clear criteria for solving the job successfully.


A perspective on daily operation as well as on the potential for optimisation 

Our interim assistance is based on our delivery model, according to which we will often divide our solution into three phases with the ultimate goal of handing over daily operation to you after having, on the one hand, met your temporary need and, on the other hand, optimised the processes and deliverables related to the operational tasks.

We will start our interim solution with the first phase during which we deliver 'as-is'. This means that our consultants will relieve your organisation from day one by performing the tasks in your current operational and developmental setup.

Subsequently, we will quickly proceed to the next phase during which we will continue to focus on the delivery of 'as-is', while starting to identify and realise the potential for optimisations in agreement with you. We will continuously keep you updated so that you know how far we have come with the various deliverables and which observations we have made.

During the last phase of the interim assignment, our focus will be on documentation to enable us to hand over daily operation and developments to you in a proper way - without the value of our work being lost.



Let us help you identify, evaluate, and hire the best qualified candidates for your company’s key positions. If you team up with us, you’ll get consultancy about and recruitment for executive, management, and specialist positions within in areas of expertise: Finance, Finance IT, Legal, and People & Payroll. 

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The technological foundation is decisive for the support functions' ability to meet the needs of the business and for your business getting as much value as possible from the support functions.

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We believe that a strong foundation is decisive for a strong business undergoing growth. Therefore, our focus is on offering value-creating consultancy to the support functions.

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