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Finance IT Services

Finance IT Services offers you the consultancy and assistance you need to increase the value of the intersection between Finance and IT - especially when it comes to optimisation, adjustment, and better use of Finance's many IT systems.

Get help for digitalisation and automation

When we help digitalise and automate Finance, we propose applications and tools that meet your specific need. In a way ensuring that the solution complements the data, processes, and people working hard behind the lines in the best possible way.


That's why Finance IT Services consists of a team having a solid understanding of accounting processes and financial management as well as digital skills. So, they can help you boost the financial processes of your business and make them more efficient - with a holistic point of departure.


Create the foundation for a successful ERP project

To succeed with a new ERP system, it is important not to consider the implementation an IT project without any embeddedness in the business processes and the daily organisation of the tasks.


The fact is that Finance owns many of the processes and work procedures impacted by an ERP project and, consequently, it is important to be thoroughly prepared. Since even the most skilled project managers and the best ERP system is of no use if your business data, processes, and integrations are not under control.


You can learn more about this from our series of articles entitled 'The foundation for a successful ERP project', in which we focus on the two building blocks of your ERP project: the project organisation and the foundation that is to make your ERP system good.

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Systematise your planning

Today, it is more important than ever to have a solid plan and to place your financial data in a system. Especially, when unexpected events and changes occur in the market, you can benefit greatly from moving your financial planning from Excel to, for example, a cloud-based financial planning tool.


In that way you will get a full overview of your financial situation and data-driven insights, as well as easy access to creating, administering, and collaborating about financial plans and budgets. And this will help you and your Finance function release your potential as a strategic advisor to the organisation.


As you can see, there are plenty of good arguments for doing away with budget sheets. And we will elaborate on them in the articles below.

Agile planning

You join forces with accountants with digital skills

Perhaps you share our experience that it may be challenging for Finance and IT to collaborate - and rightly so. Since both support functions are highly specialised within their own complex fields and, therefore, it may be difficult to clarify needs, challenges, and possibilities.


But, it's a pity since a Finance department supported in the very best way by IT presents great business potential. An optimum technological foundation in Finance ensures that time and power of thought are released in Finance to create value and insights across the business.

And we can help you with just that.

By joining forces with us in Finance IT Services, you get consultancy and assistance from specialised consultants with great experience as the connecting link between Finance and IT. They hold competences within both Finance and IT, which means that they are familiar with the needs, challenges, and desires of Finance - and that they know how to technically meet these needs, etc.

More specifically, we offer assistance for ERP upgrades or implementation, process automation, process management, financial planning, BI, digitalisation of the month-end closing process, and project management. And if you have doubts about the right solution for tackling the challenges of your business?

Then, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding talk. So that we can together find out how to meet your digitalisation and automation needs.

Competences all round

Finance IT Services' digitalisation circle shows which areas of competence we can bring into play when digitalising the financial processes of your business with a holistic point of departure.

When helping to digitalise and automate Finance, we make a point of combining the applications and tools that meet your specific need. And in a way that supports the data, processes, and people working hard behind the lines.

You can click on the various areas of the figure below if you would like to know more about the many competences shown in Finance IT Services' digitalisation circle.

Digitaliseringscirkel Generel

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Do you need sparring about how to increase the value of the intersection between Finance and IT - especially as regards optimisation, adjustment and better use of IT systems and applications - with a holistic point of departure? Then, our experts can help you.


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Do you have a role as an ERP project manager, FP&A or BI specialist on loan in your Finance function? Then, we can offer you IT skilled Finance professionals who can perform the role with the same sense of commitment and responsibility as if the role had been their own - for as long as you need.


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Do you want to give the core processes in Finance a digital overhaul? For example by moving your financial planning process out of Excel, upgrading your ERP system, or automating manual processes. Then, we can offer Finance professionals with solid IT skills - and the other way round.


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Do you need help finding critical IT skills for your Finance function? Then, we can offer specialists with in-depth knowledge about the market and about which competences may strengthen the technological foundation of your Finance function - today as well as in the future.


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