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Many companies document processes either as a one-off task where the processes form part of a specific context or as an annually recurring task to satisfy the auditors. In our experience, great business value is to be gained from working continuously with your processes and keeping them updated.

Process management helps you run your business efficiently

You may have heard that it is important to be in control of your processes and to keep them updated. And most people can see the advantage of having a process overview when, for example, implementing a new ERP system. It may not be quite as evident why you need to do it on a regular basis.


Keeping you processes updated will, i.a., make it possible for you to achieve the advantages listed below.

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10 advantages of process management

  • Increased productivity
  • Higher quality
  • Lower costs
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Reduced risk - less dependency
  • More agility - faster execution
  • Easier digitalisation and automation
  • Overview of the business and areas of responsibility
  • Compliance.

Create value for the entire business

In our experience, the work maintaining and improving processes often comes to a standstill because the company is uncertain about the reason for doing this. Once a project has been completed or the auditors are satisfied with the year concerned, the process is forgotten.

If you know exactly what your company will gain from further developing its processes, it will create a basis for embeddedness in the organisation and a possibility of harvesting the advantages.

Let's mention three examples:

Boost your execution power


It is an advantage if your business processes and the documentation of them are updated.


This will ensure you a solid point of departure when having to make decisions on new projects, where you have a well-established decision base and can initiate the execution faster.

Be prepared for change


It is difficult to predict changes, but you can prepare the business and create good conditions for making decisions.


In this connection, documented processes are important to both your overview and the transparency that will help you see through the consequences of your decisions.

Increase the cohesive force and break down any silos


Documented processes create insight into the tasks and an understanding between the departments.


The result is a cohesive organisation where information is moving agilely between stakeholders.

Process management is not about making a process improvement once and for all. It is a method for continuous realisation of your business potential.

Proceed with your process work

Whether you are starting from scratch or are already involved in process work, we can help bring you to the next level of process management.

Our assistance may consist in facilitating an initial clarification of your business advantages of process management, in providing support for documentation and review of processes, in identifying automation potential and choice of solutions, or in driving the implementation of a full-scale process management setup end-to-end.

A simple platform to support change

If change is on your agenda - such as implementing a new ERP system or launching a digitalisation project - it is vital to get an overview of your processes and how to change them.

This does not mean that your processes should 'just' be known. This means involving your employees, making documentation of everything from main processes to work instructions easily available, and not least revising and adjusting the business processes.

An integrated process management application as, for example, Nintex Process Manager can help you with just that - and be a lever that makes it simple to work with, document, and change the processes of your company.

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'Process management'? Because ...

'Process management'? Because ...

… there is no reason not to. On the contrary. Do you still not know where to start or do you need more arguments to convince you why it's worthwhile?
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