Finance Business Partnering

Finance Business Partnering

We at Basico consider Finance a valuable foundation for the success of any business. It is possible to increase the value by developing Finance, thereby creating synergies to the classic, well-known deliverables of Finance's value chain through the role of a finance business partner - the company's trusted advisor in Finance.

Finance business partnering to strengthen your business

We at Basico have great experience with finance business partnering and can, i.a., help you:

  • Define the concept for finance business partnering in your business.
  • Develop a roadmap for finance business partnering combined with an individual roadmap for each individual employee, thereby creating a plan for tackling the many barriers to getting from vision to specific actions that we often encounter.
  • Identify specific cases through training and specific actions. We will also help you with the follow-up, thereby ensuring that your finance business partnering concept becomes a success.

Release the potential of CFO business partnering 

We, generally, encounter many barriers in companies to moving on with finance business partnering. Often, they are caused by one or more of the following:

  • The concept has not been clearly defined.
  • A clear plan for success and progress is not available.
  • Finance does not have the necessary interest in moving on.
  • This issue is given a too low priority - a Basico survey revealed that 60 per cent were focused on finance business partnering, while a mere 3 per cent included the issue among their top-three focus areas.

At Basico, we are ready to help you tackle the challenges so that you can continue to create business value through finance business partnering.

Finance business partnering identifies and takes advantage of new possibilities

Finance business partnering can help the CFO establish close relations with business units and stakeholders. In this way, the company's business processes, challenges, and goals are better understood, thereby enabling the CFO to deliver more valuable financial insight and advice.

The CFO can also help build cross-organisational financial awareness and understanding through the incorporation of finance business partnering. The CFO can provide timely and exact prognoses, risk assessments, and scenario analyses by combining financial expertise with business insight and analytical skills. This provides you with a solid base for handling changing financial conditions and making well-informed decisions.

Thus, the CFO has moved from a number cruncher to a role as a more strategic business partner.

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Case Jeudan
From number crunchers to business partners!
The history of the real-estate and service company Jeudan goes back more than 120 years, and it will continue for many years to come if Finance has any say in the matter. In this article, Heidi Madsen, Deputy Director Finance, and Peter Sichelkow Meincke, Head of Finance Development, give an account of the transformation initiated by Jeudan.
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Finance Compliance
Financial Compliance & Controlling

Financial Compliance & Controlling

We can help you with most areas related to finance compliance; from quality assurance of book-keeping to compliance with the reporting requirements applicable to listed companies, from risk assessments to design and implementation of internal controls, and much more.

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