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Technology and data analysis are important when optimising HR processes. Especially when making strategic decisions. So if you want to develop a more data-driven approach to HR, you have come to the right place.

Optimise your business through data and digitalisation

The data-driven approach to the People area is revolutionizing companies - and development is fast.

Which means that there are rather many solutions to consider and get familiarized with - covering HR software, payroll systems, time recording tools, recruitment platforms, data analysis tools, AI, and much more; all designed to support your HR processes and tasks.

Thus, our consultancy has been designed to help your business combine and optimise the best technological tools and systems to acquire more data-driven and efficient HR processes.

Do you need a second opinion about your choice of system?

The choice of supplier may be a jungle. No matter whether you want to optimise a payroll system or implement a recruitment platform. Quite simply because there are so many options and factors to consider if you want to be sure that the solution chosen will improve your current situation.

While the underlying basis for the choice of supplier is negotiation and contract writing, an array of tasks and challenges are waiting on both sides:

  • Firstly, a thorough needs analysis ensuring that you identify the functionality needed to meet your future business needs and not be convinced by the supplier's focus.
  • The needs analysis should be followed by more specific demands or demand descriptions, and subsequently assessing and comparing the possible solutions on the same basis is a major task.
  • When you have made your choice, you are tasked with designing and testing processes and system configuration so that you will, eventually, get a solution effectively supporting your needs.
  • You shouldn't underestimate the task training users in the system and the process integrating the changes into everyday work.

All parts of this process are essential to ensure that a system is not only implemented with the right functionality, but that the solution fits you and provides the impact needed in your organisation.

Thus, the tasks are many, so if you need sparring during parts of or the entire process, we can help facilitate your choice of a new system solution. So that you get well started and across the finishing line.

Do you want to digitalise and automate your HR processes?

Data is at the core of any effective HR practice and is the precondition for evidence-based decisions.

Analytics will help you acquire insight about the important KPIs used in your business, no matter whether it concerns:

  • Practical structuring of data retrieval and technical solutions 
  • Design of KPIs and clarification
  • Identification of the business' needs for reporting.

If you team up with us, you can, furthermore, get help designing your People processes and department. During this process, you'll get assistance identifying the areas and standard processes where you can use automation or other kinds of digitalisation. And we will help you map People processes if the potential can be released by means of the most recent AI technologies.

Does this sound like sparring that you can benefit from? Then, we would be pleased to make our experience available to you in collaboration with our AI team at an informal talk about your possibilities of increasing the efficiency of your People processes.

As it is, we are not only working on the side of the equation where the solution figures. We are working according to the motto that, since no company or department is alike, the same solutions will not always work everywhere. On the contrary.

Therefore, we take pride in understanding your reality because we know that embeddedness leads to change.

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