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Dream big when upgrading or implementing an ERP system. Because it is a hugely expensive affair, but also an obvious possibility to transform your business. The transformation may take its point of departure in the business processes as the connecting thread of your ERP project, which helps ensure the project's embeddedness in the business.

A successful ERP project is so much more than merely a new IT system

To many companies, ERP projects are unknown waters, and thorough preparation will bring you a thousandfold return on investment and ensure that your company gets the desired result. The purpose of the project must have been defined before you choose an ERP system and a supplier, so that your project requirements and ambitions are met, and you don't 'just' get a new IT system.

A successful ERP project is, after all, so much more, and if the 'journey' is made correctly, the advantages are plentiful. You can achieve:


  • Defined process ownership
  • Efficient and automated processes
  • Separation of duties
  • Work descriptions


  • Defined data ownership
  • Process for new master data
  • Correct master data
  • Correct reporting


  • Integrated system landscape
  • Monitoring of systems and integrations
  • Minimum manual data processing


  • Distinct roles and responsibilities
  • Involvement of the correct persons
  • Process for optimising processes/systems

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Thomas Malmros
Thomas Malmros, Partner

Bridge building is essential

Managing deliverables within various business areas as regards resources, solution, and time is a major task in connection with ERP projects. Challenges will, no doubt, arise where the project manager must make the steering group make hard choices, and therefore it is important that the reporting is genuine and frequent so that the steering group is aware of any ERP risks and mitigating actions.

In addition, many parties are involved and consequently efforts must be made to ensure as smooth an understanding and communication between external consultants, the business, and IT, etc. as possible. Therefore, resources capable of building a bridge between the parties are essential to getting a successful ERP project.

Our solution fits your needs

At Basico, we have ERP consultants who can help you ensure progress and structure in your ERP project. Our involvement in the project may vary from the creation of an ERP framework to management of the entire project. There are plenty of possibilities! What is decisive is that we find the solution that fits your business and your needs.

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Mail series: The foundation for a successful ERP project

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Full-circle competences

Finance IT Services' digitalisation circle illustrates which areas of competence we can bring into play when digitalising your financial business processes with a holistic point of departure.

When we help you digitalise and automate Finance, we take pride in combining the applications and tools that meet your specific needs. In a way ensuring that the solution supports the data, processes, and people working hard behind the lines.

You can click on the different areas in the figure below if you want to read more about the many competences illustrated in Finance IT Services’ digitalisation circle.

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