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The beginning of Basico!

In 1993, the founders of Basico, Nicolai Kühl and Jacob Poulsen, met each other for the very first time. Back then, nothing suggested a life-long partnership, but four to five years later, they nevertheless established the foundation for what was later to become Basico. And that is what you can read more about here.

When they got a chance of developing business-minded outsourcing of Finance, they initiated a focused partnership within the framework of Arthur Andersen. The department instantly grew, and when Arthur Andersen merged with Deloitte in 2002, it had become the largest department in the company.

As the merger of the two cultures was falling into place, Nicolai and Jacob realised, however, that the market needed an independent supplier of CFO Services: a new player in the market focused on making the support functions successful.

They had a desire to be the very best at supporting the support functions and to be known for hands-on deliveries on projects together with the customer – driven by consultants with experience from the CFO’s engine room.

Basico’s building blocks

In 2003, the foundation stone was laid, and Nicolai and Jacob created Basico with the following as the fundamental principles:

  • The CFO’s area of responsibility should be the primary focus.
  • Basico should consist of skilled consultants with solid practical experience and the ability to create value for the customers from day one.
  • The projects should be carried out in collaboration with the customers so that they could feel ownership of the work delivered by Basico as well as participation.
  • The values of professionalism, responsibility and commitment should be the foundation of Basico’s work and culture.

Today, the very same fundamental principles permeate Basico’s culture

Business focus is still on making the support functions successful and supporting the CFO and Finance. Much has happened since the beginning in 2003, and, today, Basico has six service lines which, together, support a wider part of our customers’ support functions: Basico – Beyond Business Support.

Basico has created a solid position in the market for itself and is rated highly by its customers. Actually so much that the unique team of dedicated consultants who represent Basico is rapidly increasing and is now made up of 14 partners and more than 200 consultants.

A growth adventure that is supported by a solid backbone in the form of Basico’s own support function with employees who are working hard behind the lines every day to make the engine room run.

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Basico is driven by a strong team spirit where we collaborate to reach the goals.

- Nicolai Kühl, Managing Partner in Basico

Our three basic values

Our Basico DNA is based on our three values - professionalism, responsibility, and commitment. This may sound very well, but what does it mean to you? Because all companies must have values. You may be right, and below you can see how our values are transformed into specific actions. That is after all easier to relate to, isn't it?


  • We share many years' experience from the business world.
  • We can see details, correlations, and derived consequences.
  • We know our customers' engine room from the inside.
  • We are focused on securing a solid basis.
  • We support our employees' professional development.
  • We collaborate across our service lines to challenge and develop each other.
  • We use our professional differences as a strength.


  • We take ownership - the customer's challenges are our challenges.
  • We have a holistic focus and take responsibility beyond our own deliveries.
  • We deliver, complete, and hand over the deliveries as agreed.
  • We involve the customer in our solutions - we collaborate with the customer.
  • We consider self-determination and decision-making power essential at all levels.
  • We are each other's support base so that nobody is left alone.
  • We consider career development a common responsibility - across Basico and its employees.


  • We set about the job with enthusiasm and empathy.
  • We are quick at identifying ourselves with the customer's culture, business, and challenges.
  • We bring positive energy to the customer's organisation.
  • We are always accessible and present in our relations.
  • We are happy and proud when we succeed together.
  • We listen to the individual's wishes and career dreams.
  • We create an environment where everybody can be the best version of him- or herself.

Do you want to see our values in an even more tangible form? Then take a look at our career site and career blog and get to know our culture even better.

Career in Basico

A career in Basico!

A position as a permanently employed consultant with Basico is for those who are motivated by challenges, and who would like to work for a consultancy firm with well-known colleagues. Our consultancy firm allows you to put your experience into perspective, just as you get a chance to influence your own career path. Where it goes depends on what is important to you.

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About Basico

About Basico

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We believe that a strong foundation is decisive for a strong business undergoing growth. Therefore, our focus is on offering value-creating consultancy to the support functions.

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