Executive Search & Recruitment


Executive Search & Recruitment

Let us help you identify, assess, and hire the best qualified candidates for key positions in your business. If you team up with us, you get consultancy about and recruitment for executive, management and specialist positions within our areas of expertise: Finance, People & Payroll, Legal and Finance IT. 

Successful recruitments adding value to your organisation

We believe that a company's success depends on the people operating it. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance to find candidates who not only have the skills and experience needed, but who also have the right vision, passion, and management style.

Let us search for your next top manager

Are you about to find the next CFO, CHRO, or perhaps CLO for the strategic management level in your company? Then, let us help you recruit the right candidate.

We are specialised in executive search - i.e. finding and selecting top managers who can help create business results in close collaboration with the board and management team of your business.

We have, actually, done so for more than ten years. And have, thus, established valuable relations with both customers and candidates.

So, you'll get a sparring partner with solid expertise, business acumen, and deep insight into the market, who will familiarize himself or herself thoroughly with you business, the requirements for the position, success criteria, and key compentences for successful management in your specific company.

Thus, our approach will give you not only sparring and advice about how to identify the right manager profile for the job. But also an efficient and quality assured process creating value in itself.

We'll help you find specialised employees or mid-level managers

We are a consulting firm consisting of experts within Finance, People & Payroll, Legal, and Finance IT. So if you are searching for a specialist within one of these areas of expertise, we are literally on our home ground.

And the professional skills, the practice-based experience, and the personal competences decisive for being successful in roles within the areas of expertise concerned - well, we can recognise them from a distance. 

Our professional focus, great experience and considerable network will benefit you throughout the recruitment process:

  • When understanding your business and the professional challenges associated with the position
  • When finding the right candidates
  • And not least - when screening, interviewing and testing both expertise and personality. 

After a thorough process, we'll present you with a shortlist of candidates who we believe will match your specific needs - and not least, will thrive in your company.

The recruitment process phases

As you've probably realised, transparency and alignment of expectations means incredibly much to us. Therefore, we'll present the entire process below so that you know what you get if you collaborate with us.

Phase 1: You'll get help putting your need in words.

We and you will consider the role and the needs of your business thoroughly. In this connection, we'll challenge you to sharpen the job profile so that you get the very right candidate for the position.


Phase 2: You'll get a detailed job profile.

We'll prepare a job profile, describing the job as well as the desired skills, experience, qualifications, and personal competences that the candidate should possess.


Phase 3: You'll get a professional search process.

We'll zoom in on the focus group and turn the handles needed to get in contact with the relevant candidates.


Phase 4: You'll get a thorough screening, qualification, and selection process.

Our experienced recruiters will carry out in-depth interviews and integrate varied test tools in the process. This will help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.


Phase 5: You'll be presented to the candidates selected.

You'll be presented to the candidates who, in our view, match both the position and your company. In case of mutual interest, we'll take carefully selected references.


Phase 6: You'll get a follow-up from us

When the right candidate has taken up the position, we'll keep in contact for a while. During the first couple of months, we will follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with the collaboration.

Assessing the final candidates

As the one responsible for the recruitment, you are faced with a considerable task identifying and hiring the most suitable candidate, whose qualifications and skills are to match both the vacant position and the needs of the organisation.

You can choose to get assistance for this part of the process.

Though we haven't been involved in the entire recruitment process, you can benefit from our assistance when assessing your final candidates.

If you accept this offer, you'll benefit from our experience utilising psychological tests and our expertise assessing the candidates' personality. Just as you'll get more insight about the candidates' personal skills and development potential. Which is, in our view, the final, decisive factor for the recruitment creating value for your company and becoming a success.

In other words, your decision base will be strengthened through an extra objective assessment of your final candidates by means of an analysis of their personal strenghts and weaknesses as well as their management focus.

People & Payroll Services

People & Payroll Services

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