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Are you faced with organisational change? And would you like sparring about how to engage your employees so that they can recognise themselves in your business aspirations for the future?

Initially, exploring new knowledge areas or new ideas often gives rise to confusion. Confusion that merely signifies that we are faced with something we don't quite understand or something that alters our current perception of status quo. That is quite natural.

When undergoing organisational change, we must get from one place to a new one.

We help you with the People aspect of your transformation 

We have experience driving and embedding comprehensive organisational transformations in the support functions. If you team up with us, you will therefore get a sparring partner who understands the complexity of change processes and knows where People-related challenges may occur during a transformation process.

Our special focus is aimed at facilitating and supporting key aspects of the transition, i.e. managing the people aspect of the transition from the current stage to a desirable future stage.

And during this process, you can count on us having an eye for the culture, the structures, the processes, the tecnology, and the people in your company. So that the desired change is solidly embedded in your company through the people who form it.

Basico Change Model – used in a People perspective 

We approach your change based on our change model, Basico Change Model, which is at the core of all our transformation consultancy. This means that you'll get a tested approach that will, in our experience, create lasting and valuable change, i.a. by ensuring a thorough understanding of the problems and the anchorage of the desired change by means of specific activities.

This means that - no matter whether your company is undergoing a restructuring, is implementing new technology, or wants to strengthen its management capacity - we can help you successfully navigate the change.

The Basico Change Model will move the change project from management's strategic considerations to the specific everyday work of the support functions. That's why employee involvement is of the utmost importance through all the four phases of the model.

And if we focus exclusively on the people dimension of your change project, here are some areas where you can get professional assistance.

  1. Commitment and ’WHY’: You get assistance understanding and strengthening the employees' personal drive to get them committed to the change project. The aim is to ensure that the 'WHY' is not only clear to you and the rest of the management, but is also meaningful to all employees. Our approach involves the elements that the employees consider important, utilise common strengths, and create a common narrative.
  2. Effective communication: You can get help developing a clear and honest communication strategy that doesn't just stress the positive aspects of the change. Clear and honest communication about the reasons, goals, and advantages will, after all, help you reduce any uncertainties and create confidence among your employees.
  3. Empowerment and co-ownership: You can get help designing initiatives that can strengthen the employees' sense of empowerment and co-ownership to the change project. Our point of departure is the employees' ability to handle challenges and further collaboration. So that you employees become active contributors and not merely participants.
  4. Individual support and well-being: You can get customised individual support and consultancy for employees who experience stress or concern in connection with the changes, focusing on retaining their sense of well-being.
  5. Skills development: You can get support transforming your key employees. We identify and strengthen the skills already available and train people's new skills - for example, from controller to finance business partner.
  6. Coaching: You can get individual coaching of managers and professional mentoring of employees faced with new challenges and responsibilities, or help facilitating learning processes.
  7. Follow-up: You can get assistance evaluating what goes well from an employee perspective and where there are challenges. We ensure that the improvements are clear and meaningful to everybody. Our approach involves following up on any teething troubles and handling them early so that the change process runs as smoothly as possible.
  8. Setting the right team: You can get help setting the very best team. Our approach combines internal resources, external recruitment, and temporary interim resources. By means of internal focus on skills development and external focus on interim assistance, we ensure that your team is both well-qualified and strategically aligned with the change needs.


We believe that by strengthening the employees' personal drive and involving them as active contributors, we can create a meaningful and sustainable change narrative that is not only a success on paper, but is also deeply rooted in your organisational culture.

In general, a lack of focus on the people dimension may result in a less successful change project since the employees are, ultimately, the ones who are to implement and maintain the changes.

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People & Payroll Services

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