People & Payroll Services


People & Payroll Services

Are you planning to optimise your People area or review your payroll process? Are you looking for interim assistance or help for a recruitment? If so, you have come to the right place. Our experienced consultants have lots of expertise with People & Payroll and are ready to help you!

Technology and processes connected by people

Often, customised solutions involving both people, technology and processes are needed in the People & Payroll area. Therefore, the aim of our consultancy is to create synergy between your employees and the structures they are operating within to strengthen your business.

If you team up with us, you open the door to extensive professional sparring within Payroll & Human Resource Management. More specifically, this means that we offer advice about the establishment of HR operations, assistance for implementing efficient processes and systems, analyses and compliance, as well as operational support.

So, what you get is a People area characterised by efficiency and compliance as well as smooth operations and servicing of the business.

Get sparring about the operational side of your People & Payroll area

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We'll find your next CFO or expert

Search is a valuable tool in your recruitment process - especially if you aim to attract specialists or successful managers who get job offers rather often. It's not sufficient to contact them about an interesting job opportunity. These candidates have great expectations of the recruitment process as such and personal sparring.

And we can help you meet these expectations.

A successful recruitment process is, after all, a two-way process, where both you and the candidates presented to should be well-prepared to assess whether it's a lasting match.

The result is a successful recruitment, but also a strategic addition strengthening your organisation.

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Basico Change Management Henrik
Change Management

Change Management

Are you faced with organisational change? And would you like sparring about how to engage your employees so that they can recognise themselves in your business aspirations for the future?

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Executive Search & Recruitment

Executive Search & Recruitment

Let us help you identify, assess, and hire the best qualified candidates for key positions in your business. If you team up with us, you get consultancy about and recruitment for executive, management and specialist positions within our areas of expertise: Finance, People & Payroll, Legal and Finance IT. 

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Basico Coaching Marie


Are you a manager or a specialist seeking personal development and career support? Then, our coaching programs will take you closer to your goal.

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Development and consultancy for your People area

We can help you develop and provide advice to the HR area, thereby enabling it to support your overall business goals. As your trusted advisor and partner, we base our approach on a solid understanding of both people and processes.

Our consultancy to the People area includes, i.a.:

  • Assistance combining and optimising the best technological tools and systems to acquire more data-driven and efficient HR processes
  • Assistance understanding and managing the People dimension of your change project
  • Assistance organising and optimising your payroll administration in general
  • Assistance implementing and operating operational tasks and processes.

We go to work every day to improve the People area - we refer to it as Beyond Business Support - and we can, no doubt, help you as well. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Interim consultants having the skills needed to solve the assignment in your particular company

We'll help you through periods characterised by heavy workloads, resignations, parental leave or sickness.

Whether we are to take part in an HR transformation project, function as a head of payroll, operate HR processes, or help ensure the anchoring of projects and transformations, you'll get a smooth take-over of the tasks, enabling you to maintain momentum and quality in your daily operations without concern.

Our consultants have been carefully picked to ensure that they have the ideal combination of practical experience, professional skills, and personal competences to support you and your team.

And when your team is prepared to perform the tasks again, you can expect a structured and detailed hand-over so that no knowledge is lost.


Do you need sparring about some of the major focus areas in your HR organisation? Then, our skilled HR experts can help you - whether it concerns management training, the use of technoly for learning purposes, optimisation of HR processes, or well-being and retention initiatives.


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Is there a vacant role as an HR director, HR consultant, or payroll specialist in your HR organisation? Then, we have HR people ready to perform the role with the same commitment and responsibility as if it was their own role - for as long as you need.


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Do you need sparring and assistance for digitalisation and automation of your HR processes? Then, we have HR specialists who are ready to help you make the technology, the employees' commitment and the organisational strategy interact.


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Do you need assistance finding skilled candidates within Finance, Legal or HR? Then, our recruitment team will help you search and select qualified candidates who match the needs and ambitions of your company.


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