ESG Reporting Services

In ESG Reporting Services, we can help you with 'double materiality assessment', as well as the design, establishment, and embeddedness of the entire ESG reporting process. We have the operational experience that ensures the practical implementation and solid governance and that can help you through the continuous reporting and 'limited assurance' auditing process.


If you have an interim capacity need in your ESG reporting team, we can also offer an experienced consultant who can help you solve the job, thereby ensuring that you observe the timetable.

Are you about to start ESG reporting? 

Demand driven by EU law and business partners' expectations have made the establishment of ESG reporting a priority for many businesses.

The CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) will be launched in 2024 and bring ESG activities to a new level, where sustainability will, to a higher degree, take the form of specific KPIs that are, subsequently, subject to audits and statements of limited assurance.

We would be pleased to help you decode the CSRD provisions and transform your sustainability work into operational ESG reporting and processes. We will translate your ESG ambitions into a tangible roadmap and an ESG operating model that we will implement together. Thus, you will become capable of independent action and able to report on ESG and be subject to auditing ('limited assurance').

Practical and operational approach to ESG

We recognise that ESG covers a wide professional and organisational area. However, with a solid ESG reporting process, giving you full control of the basics from the very beginning, you can subsequently add immaterial and 'nice to have' KPIs. ESG may add value to your business, but this requires a high data quality that is most common in organisations that agree on areas of responsibility, definitions, deadlines, calculation methods, etc.

Our focus is on the development of an annual wheel, roles and responsibilities (RACI), an ESG accounting manual, controls, and internal process descriptions covering the entire process. The goal is an efficient reporting process that creates value and can prepare you for your dialogue with the auditors.


Do you have an extraordinary need for resources in your ESG reporting team in connection with your annual accounts, changes, or your employee turnover? If so, we offer experienced consultants to support day-to-day operations so that you can meet your deadlines and timetable. Our consultants are hands-on and can get the job done as they have solid system and process knowledge.

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