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Webinar: Workday Adaptive Planning

In our on-demand webinar, you can press ’play’ whenever you want. Go behind the scenes of Aller Media's implementation of Workday Adaptive Planning – and get an introduction to the system. At the webinar, you can gain insight into what happens when budget and forecasting processes in Excel are replaced with a cloud-based tool.

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Budget. Forecasting. Payroll.

Three central processes, united in one place. That is the reality at Aller Media following the implementation of Workday Adaptive Planning. A planning tool that they have truly become proficient in by doing things themselves.

And they are now reaping the benefits.

We actually implemented the system while we were doing the budgets. It was a learning process because we evolved as we figured out how to structure the budget. Doing it this way has made it very clear to us what we need in our planning processes.

- Fie Palle, Head of Business Controlling at Aller Media

So how did Aller Media go from a classic budgeting process in Excel, which meant numerous spreadsheets scattered across the organisation and many hours of manual work, to having budgets and forecasting consolidated in one place?

Listen to Fie Palle, Head of Business Controlling at Aller Media, delve into the journey from Excel to cloud-based and talk about:

  • Aller Media’s experiences with Workday Adaptive Planning so far
  • The process from Excel to a cloud-based FP&A platform
  • How the implementation of Workday Adaptive Planning has changed the way she and her colleagues at Aller Media work with budgeting and forecasting
  • Which features have become her favourites so far. 


The webinar is introduced by Morten Boldsen, Partner in Finance IT Services – and you'll see it come to life when Sylvester Hesseldal, Senior Consultant in Finance IT Services, opens the gate to Workday Adaptive Planning and invites you into the engine room. Here, he clicks through and explains some of the features that Fie highlighted in the interview. You will be introduced to the system in a way that allows you to get a feel for how data is processed and organised – from your chair.

Workday Adaptive Planning is a leading platform in cloud-based FP&A, and there are several reasons for this. 

The planning tool supports the business with flexible and intuitive processes that can be adapted to both market conditions and business strategies. In short – a system that you can develop to meet your needs.

Agility is at the heart of Workday, and planning, implementing and analysing in one system not only minimise the time from start to action; errors are also reduced. 

Workday can be easily adopted by all user types at all levels within the organisation, from superusers to those who contribute data, and those who extract the reports.

Practical information

When you sign up for the webinar, you will receive a link via email – and you are now ready to sit back and learn more about Workday Adaptive Planning. No special player or downloads are required, and you can always pause if you suddenly need a coffee break. If you need to revisit some of the points, you can rewind and rewatch as you wish. 


The webinar is conducted in English.


The webinar is for you in finance or IT who are considering moving on from your current system. Or maybe you are just curious. Either way – get it for free. 

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