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Basico's CFO Services help businesses operate and optimise their Finance functions.


No matter your need, we can help you have a great start and cross the finish line, and we offer both operational and interim assistance focusing on the Finance function of the future.

CFO services for all situations

There is never an opportune time for sickness and critical resignations. If you have a temporary - and perhaps sudden - need for extra competences for CFO services and CFO consultancy in Finance, we offer skilled and experienced consultants at short notice, thereby ensuring day-to-day operation without you losing momentum.


As a spinoff effect, our consultants will often identify potential for optimisation that may improve your processes. And if you have a vacancy in Finance, we can also help you find and hire the right candidate.

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Changes in Finance?

If you need to change and develop your Finance function, we are ready to help. Our CFO consultants can take up various roles at all organisational levels in connection with your change projects. We bring our professional competences into play so that you find the right solutions.


Using the Basico Change Model, we can help you design the right change process, and we can contribute with project management, coordination, etc.


Our approach involves as many of your own employees as possible in the change project. This will provide greater commitment, better embeddedness, and more lasting solutions. To make this possible, we can temporarily carry out your employees' regular tasks.


Do you need sparring about: the coming ESG reporting requirements, finance compliance, or how to make your ambition for the CFO area more specific through a roadmap? If so, we have experts who can help you develop and prepare your finance function for the future.


How can we help you?


Do you have a role as a controller, CFO, finance consultant or payroll consultant for loan in your finance function? If so, we have competent finance professionals who can take up the role with the same commitment and sense of responsibility as if it were their own – for as long as you need.


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Would you like to give the core processes in your finance function a digital overhaul? For example, by moving your financial planning process out of Excel, upgrading your ERP system, or automating manual processes? If so, we have finance professionals with solid IT skills – and the other way around.


More about digitalisation


Do you need help finding managers or specialists for critical roles in your finance function? If so, we have specialists with in-depth knowledge about the market and the financial competences that are critical to your business – both today and tomorrow.


Do you need help recruiting?

Thomas Nielsen

We have a CFO area with people who are pragmatic and take action.

So, they don't care much for long PowerPoint presentations. Things must be tangible. Therefore, the talk about where we would like to go has been facilitated on the basis of our everyday work and the good things on which to build.

- Thomas Dyhrberg Nielsen, CFO of Danica Pension

Explore our CFO Services

ESG Reportering Services
Are you about to start ESG reporting? We can help you prepare the 'double materiality assessment', as well as implement and consolidate the entire ESG reporting process.

Transformation Services 
We drive and embed major organisational changes in our clients' finance functions. Our framework tool is the Basico Change Model, and we bring your changes across the finish line and create results.

Finance Compliance 
We offer consultancy within finance compliance, including verification of the accounting quality, compliance with the reporting requirements applicable to listed companies, risk assessments, as well as the design and implementation of internal control systems.

Development and consultancy in Finance

We can help you develop your Finance function and provide consultancy so that it supports your business strategy. We do this as the CFO's trusted advisor and partner – and on the basis of our CFO roadmap.

The CFO services offered to your Finance function include, i.a.: 

  • Optimisation of the month-end/fast close process
  • Digitalisation of Finance, project management, process optimisation, finance business partnering
  • Management information
  • Reporting and business intelligence
  • Consultancy about accounting rules in practice.

We go to work each day to make the Finance department even better – we call it Beyond Business Support – and no doubt we can also help you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

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