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Do your Finance employees spend too much time on manual processes? And have you considered automation as a way forward? Then, you have come to the right place. In addition to digitalising your financial standard processes, we can help you automate the processes that are specific to your business and your Finance function - for example by means of RPA and Workflow.

If you have a feeling that you're running fast and never get around to the most value-creating tasks, you're not alone. Quite simply because there is more Finance work than Finance professionals.

At first sight, it may sound like a gordian knot - but it doesn't have to be that. Or rather: It is possible to make the knot smaller!

Digitalisation is the grip that can release you from some of the closely defined tasks by having a computer do a huge chunk of the routine work.

But ... "I have already digitalised my standard processes - there were obvious solutions to this," you may think?

What about the rest? 

Where you don't have control of systems and, therefore, cannot modify them?

Would you like more information? 

Morten Boldsen
Morten Boldsen, Partner

Which non-standard processes is it possible to digitalise?

You've probably found this page because you believe in having a digital helping hand solve some of the financial tasks that are not straight-forward standard ones.

The next question that comes to mind is how?

And we've been sitting firmly on our hands since you clicked your way to this page not to flash our solutions vehemently right under your nose.

Since, in all lack of moderation, they are rather smart - and can make your and your team's workday easier and funnier.

The tools that we use include, for example, No code/Low code, Python, RPA and Workflow. But, let's have a talk about the needs of your business - then we'll find the tool best suited for your job.

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Automation and digitisation are on the agenda in almost all 2022’s finance functions – this is not news. Who wants to do typing work when they can be business partners? But what forms a solid foundation for such a project? What constitutes the greatest value creation, and how do you go about the task if you have to start from scratch? We had a talk with Allan Stich, CFO in Hedin Automotive Belgium, on exactly that.
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Thorough preparatory work, strong anchoring in the organisation and massive support from the CFO are three of the things that have been decisive to ISS’ new controlling framework being in a league of its own. In this article, Pernille Benborg, Head of Group Compliance, and Karina Mitzi Svenningsen, Head of Financial Controlling, talk about their controlling framework, which has taken effort, coffee and many hours, but which has been worth all the work.
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Full-circle competences

Finance IT Services' digitalisation circle illustrates which areas of competence we can bring into play when implementing the financial processes of your business with a holistic point of view.

When helping to digitalise and automate your Finance function, we take pride in combining applications and tools that meet your specific need. In a way ensuring that the solution supports the data, processes, and people working hard behind the lines.

You can click on the various areas in the figure below if you want to read more about the many competences presented in Finance IT Services’ digitalisation circle.

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