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Standard process

The absolutely biggest, common challenge in Finance - which is felt across companies - is the difficulty attracting people. There is, quite simply, more work than qualified labour.

And what do you do then?

An obvious thing to resort to would be digitalisation - to have systems and machines do some of the tasks that would otherwise require many man hours a comprehensive file structure, and much Excel gymnastics.

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Thomas Malmros
Thomas Malmros, Partner

Do you need time for finance business partnering?

Is it relevant to digitalise your standard processes only when you need people?

No, experience shows that time is always in short supply in Finance. Quite simply because the ambitions exceed the time available. For example, most have a stated ambition to act as finance business partners to the business, but many never get quite that far because they get caught in demanding, comprehensive, and (let's be honest) rather tiresome type work. And that's a bloody shame. Especially since there are solutions to be had in the market that can manage the manual work, thereby making your skilled employees available to your business.

Meet Adra by Trintech – a ’close the books’ platform 

The Adra by Trintech suite can help you effectivise and digitalise accounts reconciliation in Finance. Not to mention streamline and make the processes in Finance as well as in other departments more efficient.

The two primary functions in the Adra by Trintech suite, Balancer og Task Manager, can help you perform tasks in Finance such as:

  • Document reconciliations and closing of accounts
  • Perform risk management and reporting 
  • Ensure that all regular tasks are performed on time and in the desired quality
  • Prepare documentation of the controls carried out
  • Ensure compliance with the strictest international accounting standards, incl. SOX.

Time & expense system and process

We at Basico has much experience implementing time & expense systems. So that all relevant time recordings, such as basic holiday and absence, are under control. But perhaps you have projects where the time spent must be documented and activated, thereby making other demands on your recording system? And as regards the expense part, we can help you optimise the handling of out-of-pocket expenses and make it as digital and employee friendly as possible.

Contract management with House of Control 

Do you need an overview of your contracts, assets, and obligations? The program Complete Control has been developed by Norwegian House of Control (HoC) and is a cloud-based solution offering control of agreements, obligations, and assets. It is user-friendly, flexible and easy to use.

OtC, TtP and other main processes

We at Basico are living Finance and have solid experience with main business processes - especially with major financial processes. We have documented and, not least, optimised an abundance of such processes for a wide spectrum of major Danish companies. And, therefore, we have experience with many different tools and with their suitability in various system landscapes and process contexts. And we would be pleased to share our knowledge and pass it on, so we would like to talk with you about your specific situation.

"We close the books in three days"
Why is it important to close the books fast? Is there a connection between speed, quality, and business value? Month-end closing is one of the core processes of Finance, and great value can be had from a streamlined, fast, and good process. But which are the barriers to a successful fast close, and how do you tackle them?
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Basico - Hop Ud Af Excel Tyranniet
Do away with the tyranny of Excel. And have less problems!
This is not the first time we promote the idea that a financial planning and analysis tool is a really good idea. But this time we have had coffee with Jeppe Bygholm, VP Finance of the SaaS company LogPoint, who shares his reflections on the FP&A tool Workday Adaptive Planning.
Perhaps this would be the solution for you?
Basico - Hop Ud Af Excel Tyranniet
Your ERP system cannot stand alone!
A significant part of companies’ financial management is the ongoing reporting of financial and operational performance. This requires data to be timely, and the figures to be accurate and complete. To succeed in these tasks, the technological foundation supporting Finance must function optimally.
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Full-circle competences

Finance IT Services' digitalisation circle illustrates which areas of competence we can bring into play when implementing the financial processes of your business with a holistic point of view.

When helping to digitalise and automate your Finance function, we take pride in combining applications and tools that meet your specific need. In a way ensuring that the solution supports the data, processes, and people working hard behind the lines.

You can click on the various areas in the figure below if you want to read more about the many competences presented in Finance IT Services’ digitalisation circle.

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