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Do you need competences in financial management and accounting?

Have you just received a notice of termination from your Business Controller? Or do you think your company could benefit from a fresh perspective on your financial management? Then, we can help you through our interim support that provides the necessary flexibility in times of constant change. Our consultants can act as interim Business Controllers undertaking critical tasks and bringing new insights to your financial processes.

Interim Controllers who support your company's needs

Unexpected situations at the workplace may trigger a series of concerns. What will the costs be for finding a qualified replacement? Can a new interim Controller actually match your organisation's specific needs and culture? And how can you get the most value out of an interim Controller so that the solution is an investment in your company's future?


We fully understand these concerns.


You can expect high data security and confidentiality and that the costs of an interim Controller are transparent and predictable. Moreover, our consultants have been carefully selected to ensure that they have the combination of practical experience, professional competences, and personal qualities that can best support your company's needs and quickly adapt to your team.


Last – but not least – we collaborate closely with you to ensure a smooth transition once our interim assignment is complete.


With us, you get more than just interim assistance – you get a strategic partner dedicated to strengthening your company's financial resilience.

Financial challenges can be solved with interim assistance

Do you need to improve your cash flow cycles?


An interim Business Controller can help analyse your cash flow cycles and identify botlenecks and inefficiencies.

Do you need to develop realistic budgets and forecasts?


An interim Controller can contribute with budgeting process expertise, help develop more realistic models, and improve forecasting methods.  

Do you need to ensure that you comply with accounting standards?


Interim Controllers can ensure that you comply with all relevant standards and regulations, and minimise the risk of fines and other sanctions, keeping you up-to-date with the latest amendments.

Are you about to implement a financial recovery plan?


In times of economic pressure or turnaround situations, an interim Controller can assess the current financial state and identify areas reqiring restructuring. 

Case: Your Chief Controller is going on maternity leave. Could interim assistance be the solution?

Imagine the following situation.


You work in a company with a turnover of DKK 1.3 billion and activities across both Denmark and Sweden, and your Chief Controller is going on maternity leave for ten months.


This leaves you with a challenge. How are you to handle the management of the company's Controllers and the associated tasks?


The solution for this company was to get interim assistance from us at Basico.


Specifically, we provided a consultant who, as a temporary solution, took on the role of Business Controller until the hiring of a Business Controller could be finalised.


While the company was searching far and wide, our consultant did the following in the role of interim Business Controller:

  • Participated in social contexts across the department to get better insight into the culture and the company
  • ASsumed a central role in implementing changes in reporting systems
  • Assisted with the startup of the Closing Cockpit in SAP: A process optimisation ensuring a structured and uniform interface in connection with the documentation of periodic reports
  • Consulted with the CFO in connection with personnel management, daily operations, and significant changes of, for example, the reporting culture.


The hiring of an interim Business Controller thus made it possible for Finance to complete tasks on time and create lasting changes that left the company in a better place.

Get the best interim solution for your assignment by choosing us

When financial challenges arise, you need a partner who not only understands the complexity of your situation but also acts quickly and effectively to create stability and growth.


Our interim Controllers have been handpicked for their ability to deliver customised solutions that fit the specific needs of your company. In this way, we can ensure that your cashflow is robust, your financial plans are realistic, and that your company complies with all accounting standards.


With us, you get more than just interim assistance; you get a dedicated partner committed to ensuring your company's success now and in the future.



Let us help you identify, evaluate, and hire the best qualified candidates for your company’s key positions. If you team up with us, you’ll get consultancy about and recruitment for executive, management, and specialist positions within in areas of expertise: Finance, Finance IT, Legal, and People & Payroll. 

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