Facility Management Consulting

Facility Management Consulting helps your business achieve quality improvements and savings through optimisation of the facility management area.

Optimisation of the FM area

Facility Management Consulting combines all our areas of expertise - from Finance and digitalisation to legal and HR.


In Basico, our specialised consultants can help you evaluate your existing facility management and identify areas in which improvements can be made.


The physical framework of your business - your buildings, offices, production facilities, and logistic centres are, after all, essential elements of your overall employee and customer experience.


At the same time, your company's buildings and real estate - and their administration - represent an important cost source and, therefore, we offer consultancy within the areas of real estate, buildings, offices, tenders for operational tasks, compliance, ESG, tenancy contracts, etc.

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Facility Management Consulting embraces change

Much is to be gained from optimisation of your physical framework and the management hereof.


Hybrid work and working from home have become permanent elements of many companies' way of organising and, therefore, your employees are no longer at the office at the same time.


It changes the demands for the physical framework of the companies.


Consequently, many companies are planning relocation projects and removals these years - large projects that may involve issues of compliance, asset management, maintenance, etc. for which you do not necessarily have the competences needed in-house.


These are among the issues with which we in Basico can help you.

The Spend Cube has given us an overview of our actual use of resources.

- Jan Lindegaard, Compliance & Facility Director at Fitness World

Which services does Basico offer within Facility Management Consulting?

Basico is involved in many types of FM-related tasks: From strategic and tactical ones to optimisation of operational tasks.

Are you, for example, faced with an assignment related to ESG reporting involving a huge and complex data capture task? If so, we are prepared to help you make it somewhat more transparent.

We can help you get an overview of data and expenses and optimising these. We can also help you with process optimisations and reviewing and optimising your contracts so that they match your business needs.

In other words, we offer strategic and tactical facility management consulting that is noticeable on your bottom line.

Which FM system should you choose? 

An FM system (Facility Management System) is a software application designed to help organisations administer and structure their most important data related to real estate. If you want to have an overview of FM systems in Denmark, please check "FM systems in Denmark" here.

When about to choose an FM system, please do not hesitate contacting us. We are striving to make those working with FM successful - both our customers and their suppliers. In our experience, the greatest savings and quality gains are to be had if you rethink the roles and distribution of tasks in your current set-up - focusing on the overall FM costs for internal deliveries and suppliers as well as on interfaces and processes.

Our method secures you an FM solution that is scalable and that supports and creates value for your main business.

With which facility tasks can Basico help you?

The concept includes a wide array of tasks covering, i.a.:

  • Operating strategy 
  • Strategies and policies for the development of real estate portfolios
  • Building maintenance, including daily operations of real estate and systems
  • Asset management 
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Security and risk management  
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability  
  • Resource management  
  • Space management
  • Administration of facility related services 

Basico offers inside-out and outside-in FM consultancy. The greater the scope, the greater the potential for optimisation.

How can a facility consultant from Basico help you?

Typically, a facility assistant or facility consultant will, for example, be an employee in a company who performs basic administrative tasks. In Basico, we are specialists in FM optimisation, have analytical skills, focus on details, and have expert knowledge within the individual (very different) FM areas as well as within Finance and Legal. 

Actually, we are a team composed of Finance professionals, legal counsels, IT professionals, engineers, process consultants, and others who will ensure that you get the consultancy and assistance for analyses and implementation that you need. We also provide assistance to facility managers and assistants who hold the daily responsibility.


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