Checklist for all phases of your relocation project

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Lisbeth Bau-Madsen

Lisbeth Bau-Madsen

Senior Partner

29. November 2022

Relocation projects are always too big to gulp in one bite. The mere physical relocation is one thing, but all the planning, paperwork and communication about the process is quite another thing. Not to mention the arrangement once the new business domicile has been found.

The purpose of this article is, therefore, to help you make your relocation, building or arrangement project clear and comprehensible from A to Z. And you even get a checklist on top.

When faced with a relocation project or a rebuilding, we will typically divide the project into three phases: Planning and analysis, the physical relocation, and the future service set-up, follow-up and implementation.

Since, when it comes to relocations, there is no getting around decisions on how to use your new square metres in the best possible way – which is what space management is all about.

This is where you need to involve the facility management function since they possess knowledge about the building and about the contracts concluded with suppliers etc., and since they can ensure a smooth relocation process. Another issue is whether the new building and its arrangement meet your expectations – and not least your future needs.

For this reason, we have made a checklist of items to be considered for each phase – to make your relocation just slightly more manageable.

Checklist for your next relocation project.

Meet our seating plan tool

As already mentioned, there are many elements to consider in connection with a relocation project – especially during the analysis and planning phase.

A sub-element of phase three is the arrangement, which is subject matter for a complete article, since many choices need to be made when arranging your new offices. And they are related to much more than mere aesthetics and furniture.

In addition to the furniture, noise shielding, storage, decoration and signs, arranging office spaces is also about using the space in the best possible way in consideration of the employees’ various needs.

In connection with relocation and rebuilding projects, we have developed a simple seating plan tool by means of Power BI, the purpose of which is to create a simple, visual overview for use when distributing seats as well as locating or removing departments and employees.

The tool takes its point of departure in the company’s plan drawings with tables and rooms, which makes it easy to use when teams outgrow their current location. Furthermore, it is easy to make updates, search and share it with colleagues.

Last, but not least, it is a super tool for companies using fixed seating and fixed zones, which often need to reshuffle, or for companies wanting to search for people’s location; it also makes it easy to find each other without having to walk through all the floors.

Basico’s seating plan tool is useful when you want an overview of your daily seating, and when a relocation project is imminent.

Get a sneak peek of our seating plan tool here.

Lisbeth Bau-Madsen

Lisbeth Bau-Madsen

Senior Partner

+45 25 10 22 12

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