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Are you looking for new career opportunities within the fields of, i.a., Finance, Legal, IT or Human Resources? But outside consultancy?


Then, you have come to the right place. If you can describe the work life of your dreams, we can put you in contact with those of our customers who have vacancies that match your wishes.

You'll get objective career sparring

We help major Danish and international companies strengthen their support functions. One of the ways in which we do this is by connecting their many career opportunities with skilled candidates like you. And our specialty is recruitment of managers, mid-level managers, and subject matter experts.


When engaging in dialogue with us, you will therefore get in-depth knowledge about the relevant vacancy. the nature of the tasks, and the business culture that you will form part of. You also get an objective career sparring partner with whom you can talk freely about your wishes and demands.

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You'll get a professional process

Recruitment processes demand time and energy from all those involved. That's why we take pride in giving you as professional and smooth a process as possible.


If you become part of a process with us, you can expect not to waste your time. Even if the first cup of coffee does not result in your next job. If you don't mind, we would be pleased to continue our dialogue because we know all too well that finding the right match needs careful consideration, and we greatly respect this.

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Gitte Hjortskov Larsen
Gitte Hjortskov Larsen, Director
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