ESG Double Materiality Assessment

Double materiality assessment

Are you about to begin your CSRS implementation and to prepare your ’double materiality assessment’? We have a practical approach and follow a standard procedure when going through all ESRS subjects and sub-subjects. Thus, you will get a specific list of material KPIs as well as documentation of any de-selection of immaterial KPIs.

ESG reporting and risk management

The ’double materiality assessment’ takes account of both the internal materiality (the impact of ESG factors on the business as such) and the external materiality (the impact of the business on the surrounding environment and society in general).

Traditionally, ESG reporting and risk management have primarily focused on the internal materiality, i.e. the company's ESG performance and risks related to its own activities and operation. But given the increased awareness of the societal and environmental responsibility held by companies, focus has also increased on the external materiality, i.e. the impact of the business on society and the surrounding environment.

By using a 'double materiality' approach, companies can identify and understand both the internal and the external ESG risks and possibilities that may affect their long-term value creation and contribution to society. It may also help companies establish a more holistic view on their ESG performance and contribute to promoting a more sustainable and responsible business practice.

Under CSRD legislation, a 'double materiality assessment' (DMA) is mandatory. It governs the external frames related to the part of the reporting that goes beyond the standard reporting requirements on which everyone must report.

We, at Basico, have a structured model for going through the DMA that is based on CSRD and ESRS standards, ensuring a methodological approach to all ESRS standards and sub-subjects. Here, stakeholders from the organisation are involved holding insight about the relevant parts of the company to be able to document the selection and de-selection of subjects related to 'materiality'.

ESG reporting

ESG Reporting Services

In ESG Reporting Services, we can help you with 'double materiality assessment', as well as the design, establishment, and embeddedness of the entire ESG reporting process. We have the operational experience that ensures the practical implementation and solid governance and that can help you through the continuous reporting and 'limited assurance' auditing process.


If you have an interim capacity need in your ESG reporting team, we can also offer an experienced consultant who can help you solve the job, thereby ensuring that you observe the timetable.

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ESG Roadmap
ESG roadmap

ESG roadmap

We can help you transform your ESG ambition or mandatory reporting requirements into a tangible and practical roadmap, where we go through four phases by means of our Change Model: 1) Identification of requirements and needs 2) Design and development 3) Implementation 4) Embeddedness and alignment.

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ESG Operating Model
ESG operating model

ESG operating model

Do you need a new ESG reporting software? This is one of the questions that you can find an answer to by means of Basico's ESG operating model. It helps you divide the reporting task into processes, competences, systems, guidelines (governance), management and culture. On the basis of the model, we can establish the building blocks needed to handle ESG reporting in an operational and structured way.

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