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Are you familiar with the report ‘FM systems in Denmark’?

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’FM systems in Denmark’ is a report that we have drawn up since 2016 as a tool to be used by Danish companies that need an overview of the various FM systems available on the Danish market. The report can be used as an encyclopedia to help you choose an FM system suitable for your company’s needs. And in the most recent version, focus is on systems and their functionality. You can either download the report to the left or read on and be introduced to the report and to why it is of relevance to those working with FM.

The methodological basis of the report

In continuation of the recent versions of ‘FM systems in Denmark’, the report is based on a questionnaire survey where system providers have provided information about the functionalities of their systems. This means that the survey depends on the frankness of the answers given, so if you or others regrettably experience deviations between the answers of the system suppliers and the real functionality of the systems, we at DFM and Basico can unfortunately not answer for this.

To keep the questionnaire updated as regards Danish companies’ FM needs, the questionnaire has been adjusted with new questions about functionalities, some questions have been clarified, and a few questions have been deleted.

When uncovering FM systems in Denmark, focus has been on systems applicable within the entire or parts of the FM area. Systems with a very focused purpose such as energy measurement systems and space booking systems are, therefore, not included in the report’s scope this year. This delimitation has been made to keep the basis at a comparable level. Consequently, some system suppliers in the Danish market have chosen not to be represented in the report since they assess that their systems do not match all parts of the parameters listed in the questionnaire.

Proceed to your FM system shopping list:

The report also contains an article written by the Digitalisation Committee of DFM, the purpose of which is to help you buy the FM systems most appropriate for your needs and ensure that you acquire the desired value once the investment has been made. It is also available from our blog so you can read it right away.

What is the main message of the report?

The market survey shows that a number of good and solid solutions are available on the Danish market. As illustrated in the overview below, many of these solutions are also complex, modular systems ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Exactly for this reason, it is important that you as a future customer have come to terms with the needs underlying the desire for a (new) FM system.

To be able to make the right decisions about the choice of supplier and the implementation, it could be an advantage for you to invest both time and thoughts in the prioritisation of the many possibilities and types of systems.

How can you benefit from the report?

The report is intended for inspiration if you have a desire to digitalise your FM organisation, and it could be useful in connection with several aspects of the process.

We propose that you, first, identify the need and, subsequently, engage in a dialogue with potential suppliers. In this connection, the report could be used to seek inspiration about and insight into the potential systems available to you. In addition, the report could be extremely useful when ultimately choosing the system in which to invest, since in this connection it can function as a checklist when engaging in dialogue with potential suppliers.

It is important to remember that an FM system cannot structure your activities, but merely add value through the structure under which you have chosen to work.

In the article entitled ‘Your FM system shopping list’, you can read more about what it could be advantageous to keep in mind during the acquisition and implementation process. It takes you by the hand from decision to implementation so that you don’t just buy an FM system, but also create value in your everyday work by means of it – for the benefit of both users and decision-makers in your organisation.

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Basico has many years’ experience with facility management, and we continuously keep up-to-date about developments in the FM area. We have established a team of economists, legal counsels, IT staff, engineers, process consultants etc. ensuring that you get the counselling and assistance for analyses, data structure and implementation that you need.

We would be pleased to help you if you need sparring about the procurement and implementation of FM systems or if you need to rethink your FM set-up. Feel free to contact us to hear more.