Relocation project - the art of relocating a company

Is your upcoming office move causing a whirlwind of lease agreements, project plans, office spaces, transportation coordination, unpacking tasks, paperwork, and communication challenges? We understand that relocation projects demand careful planning and coordination. Therefore, we can help you with strategic advice to guide you through a smooth transition. 

Relocation project - Is your business ready? 

These days, many companies are busy hiring removals firms and concluding contracts on services. However, a successful relocation project depends on a good deal of planning and coordination of a number of tasks and activities: You must juggle with a lot of stakeholders, develop project plans, analyse the need for new locations, review offers and tenders, and ensure that all the parties involved are well prepared for the relocation.

The complexity of a relocation project varies, but often a relocation will draw on disproportionately many resources in your organisation.

It may seem an unclimbable mountain.

Actually, buildings often constitute the biggest business economics item.

Fortunately, we have great experience managing both small and big relocation projects, where it is possible to upscale and downscale our role depending on your competences and needs.

In Basico, we divide business relocation projects into the following phases:

  • Analysis of needs and search for new business tenancy
  • Negotiation of termination of current tenancy commitments
  • Relocation planning
  • The relocation as such and the installation of future services
  • Follow-up and implementation

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Lisbeth Bau Madsen
Lisbeth Bau-Madsen, Senior Partner

Basico is your relocation project partner

It is possible to carry out relocation projects using flexible project resources, thereby ensuring a successful implementation and realisation of any profits.

We are specialised in handling business relocation projects, and it is possible to scale up and down our role depending on the competences already available in your business and the resources that it is possible for you to make available.

Thus, Facility Management Consulting may be a really helpful resource for you if you want support for managing a relocation project since we'll secure you a smooth and efficient process.

Do you want to move your focus from the relocation to your core tasks?

Working from home, inflation, and high energy prices have placed the physical framework of the business in focus as never before.

And many companies choose to move to premises better fit for the current needs of their business.


But a reconstruction or a relocation may be almost too much to swallow. So, would you like to move your focus from the project to your core tasks?


Contact us for a non-binding talk about how we can help you get an overview of your reconstruction or relocation project end-to-end.

Checklist for all phases of your relocation project
Relocation projects are always too big to gulp in one bite. The mere physical relocation is one thing, but all the planning, paperwork and communication about the process is quite another thing. Not to mention the arrangement once the new business domicile has been found.
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