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A position as a permanently employed consultant with Basico is for those who are motivated by challenges, and who would like to work for a consultancy firm with well-known colleagues. Our consultancy firm allows you to put your experience into perspective, just as you get a chance to influence your own career path. Where it goes depends on what is important to you.

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As a permanently employed consultant, you'll get a tailored development program, continuous sparring, and regular interaction with your colleagues at the office.


Your everyday work will be characterised by interesting assignments at the customer's premises, which will also support your professional development. Irrespective of your level of experience.

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At Basico, we are a melting pot of professional competences. You'll meet finance consultants with an interest in IT; facility consultants with expertise in both CSR and waste sorting; accounting consultants who know Finance as their own pocket; legal consultants who can transform law into practice; and human capital consultants who are 100-meter champions in matchmaking and HR. And we also have our own support function working hard behind the lines to secure the operation of our engine room.


What we all have in common is the fact that we place our expertise in the front seat, have practical experience, and go to work every day to make others successful - both our customers and each other.


Does this sound just like you? Then, please don't stop scrolling yet ...

Motivated by challenges. Connected by people.

You will play an important role from day one in both our customer deliveries and culture. Since Basico is connected by people - their professionalism, commitment, and common responsibility for making the people around them a success.

This means that already from day one we will consider your professionalism a contribution to our community. Therefore, it is one of our finest purposes to develop, challenge and support your professionalism in a way allowing you to be the best version of yourself, to connect that which is important to you, and to have a sense of influencing your own career in our business.

But you decide how steep your learning curve should be. What is important is that you have a feeling that we help you build a motivating career.

That's why we offer development programs as well as interesting projects customized for your experience and helping you release the potential for development in your customer assignments.

Professionalism, responsibility and commitment

Our Basico DNA is based on our three values - professionalism, responsibility, and commitment. You probably think that this sounds good, but what does it mean to you more specifically. Because you must have values and follow them.

It means that you will meet colleagues who are eager to involve you - both in cross-disciplinary customer assignments and internal strategic projects, pulling together as a unit. You'll see that we are eager to play each other good so that we can become a success together.

Basico-Sinne Juliussen-karriere-i-basico

Freedom to act and a culture increasing each individual's motivation have, in a short time, developed and challenged me both professionally and personally.

- Sinne, Senior Manager in CFO Services

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