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Real estate & construction

Construction, real estate transactions and administration involve a number of legal aspects with which we can help you in Basico's Legal Services. We can, for example, offer hands-on legal assistance in connection with project development, contract work, and construction, the letting and optimisation of property, as well as real-estate transactions.

Construction, real estate transactions and real estate administration

If you are working with buildings and real estate – either as an investor, builder, contractor, or administrator of real estate – you probably have much legal routine work to be done.

Since the construction, operation, and optimisation of real estate involve a multitude of obligations, suppliers, and collaborative partners – and consequently collaborations that must be framed by clear structures and agreements. It involves negotiations, contracts, transactions, etc. that are necessary to make all the involved parties aware of their obligations, the distribution of responsibilities, and the possible consequences in case of breaches of contract.

It has not become less complex in recent years, where the construction industry is seriously affected by price increases and supply problems, and where owners of real estate must relate to increased financing costs, sustainabillity, and ESG requirements, which are more and more in focus. 

That's why more and more companies need extra legal bandwidth.

... and that's where we enter the scene: Basico Legal Services offers flexible, legal assistance in-house. We assist with daily operational tasks, in case of peak loads, and in connection with projects demanding extra legal horsepower.

We can, i.a., help you with these real estate and construction issues:

  • Project development
  • Contract work and construction
  • Operation and optimisation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Common in-house tasks. 

Hands-on legal assistance for project development 

If you are faced with a new construction project, we can, i.a., help you when you are to conclude agreements on the purchase and sale of sites and the right of construction on a lot of land.

We can also release you through assistance with the authorities' processing, planning processes, registration of title, easements, mortgages, as well as homeowner's associations and owner's associations. Finally, we can help you with financing agreements, the preparation of guarantee documents, as well as contracts of sale, and lease of tenancy agreements.

Get help for the legal wrangling of your contract work

Major contracts involve legal deliveries such as construction contracts, vendor contracts, consultancy agreements, and continuous contract management. It may also be necessary to have somebody to handle ongoing requirements and problematic issues, conflict resolution during the construction process, and claims management.

Basico Legal Services can offer help with all these issues, acting as an active sparring partner to both the management and production personnel. In addition, we have experience from major infrastructure projects and AB, ABR, and FIDIC terms.

Legal assistance for optimisation or letting of dwellings and commercial property

If you own and let buildings for either residence or business, you know how important it is that your tenancy agreements meet your needs, and that it may, at the same time, be difficult to navigate the tenancy legislation. We can help you with both residence and business tenancy agreements so that you can keep calm knowing that your business is compliant with the tenancy legislation.

We can also help you with continuous tenants management and with challenges related to tenancy legislation, as well as asset management and real estate optimisation in collaboration with our facility management team – for example in connection with a structured sales process.

"We are flexible and on-site because we form part of daily operations and consider ourselves a part of the team in your business. Through our physical presence we get detailed knowledge about your organisation."

- Martin Aagren Nielsen

Do you need a legal counsel to help you with real estate transactions?

If so, you can stop your search now. Since we can offer internal assistance in connection with both buying and sales processes (individual assets or portfolio sales). 

We can, i.a., assist with contracts of sale, supporting appendices, due diligence, the resolution of issues, and handling any problems that the counterpart's consulting team may raise. We can also help you with the practical execution of the transaction (closing and post-closing tasks).

How we work

We collaborate with the business units and other stakeholders and function as a proactive sparring partner to the business – and we take pride in making legal issues understandable and operational.

With a characteristic hands-on approach and experience 'finding one's way' quickly into a new organisation we ensure a fast and smooth introduction period.

We are flexible and on-site because we form part of daily operations and consider ourselves a part of the team in your business. Through our physical presence we get detailed knowledge about your organisation.

We contribute with a well-educated and experienced Legal team

Our legal consultants are experienced – that is felt both through their professionalism and through their ability to combine a legal and a business-related way of thinking with the purpose of finding solutions rather than problems.

In general, they have more than ten years' experience, are educated from well-reputed law firms, and have subsequently held one or more in-house legal positions.

Our focus is on understanding and contributing to the value creation in the company that Legal is a part of.

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One of the biggest challenges right now is deliveries for the construction industry, and it is a difficult situation to navigate in as a developer or contractor. Therefore, Legal once again plays a central role.
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